Welcome to the Havelock Legacy. My first Sims 3 Legacy Challenge.

The Legacy founder is Anna Jane. Anna moved to the city of Havelock at age 18 to fulfill her dream of becoming a superstar actress. Follow her journey from the beginning.

The second generation follows Berkeley Middleton, Anna’s oldest child fathered by directing legend Harvey Middleton. Berkeley discovered that his goal was to become a Star News Anchor and is sure he will quickly find success. Start from the beginning of Generation two here

 The third generation follows Enya Middleton, one of Berkeley’s twin daughters.  She dreams of becoming a Fashion Phenomenon but will she ever be able to realise this dream when the local fashion house now seems to focus on retirement fashion. Find out here.

The fourth generation is headed by Jordan Wallace, Enya’s youngest daughter. Her dream is to be a rockstar. Will she find the stardom she dreams of, or something else? Find out here


14 Responses to Welcome

  1. Amy6 says:

    I love Berkeley’s eyes there so blue!

  2. Katie says:

    where is anna’s hair from? it’s looovely 🙂

    • egorowski says:

      The sims resource or from peggy. Sorry, I’ve just downloaded so much stuff I can’t remember where each thing comes from. But apart from a few hairs from peggy it’s all from the sims resource.

  3. spongeb0ber says:

    I have that hair too, it’s from peggyzone. :]

  4. egorowski says:

    Hey – some people have been mailing my account on the sims site asking if I’m ok cos they’ve heard about the earthquake in christchurch today where there were many fatalities. Just wanna let everyone know I’m fine as I live in Wellington, and so are my family who live down there thank goodness. My thoughts go out to everyone in Christchurch and r.i.p to those who died


  5. burlusconidynasty says:

    Hey I was just wondering how you managed to link up the familyecho.com family tree, I’ve just made myself one (admittedly I stole the idea from you) but can’t seem to create a link to it…

    • Em says:

      I think I just copied the link from the address bar and then wrote here on the page and clicked the icon up top to link it to a web address, and pasted it in ther.
      Hope this helps, let me know if not and I’ll try to explain it better.
      Good luck!

      • burlusconidynasty says:

        Thanks for your help although I figured it out with a little poking around!
        Love what I’ve read of your legacy so far by the way!

      • Em says:

        Awesome. Yea, it took me a little figuring out to get it when I did it. Thnks = )

  6. valerian1994 says:

    wow, neat legacy, it’s so much better than mine, you can have a look though:

  7. auburn101 says:

    Nice legacy! I’ll add you to my blogroll! Can you add me to yours? ^^ I just posted up my first chapter of my first legacy ! I’ll catch up with all your previous chapters as well!

    Please check it out? (: The Auburn Legacy http://auburn101.wordpress.com/

    • Em says:

      Sure thing, added you. My legacy is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment. I’m just waiting for my generations to come and then I want to have a bit of a play with that , but then it will be time for the next heir vote and then the legacy will continue x

  8. Ermannith says:

    Hey there! Sorry to jump in. Care to take a peak here and, if you like it, let me know if you agree to add me to your blogroll? I’ll do the same. (I need readers and I fail at advertising) 😦 Thank you!


    A fellow Simmer 🙂

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